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Proses transisi karir, promosi karir dan paduan perjalanan sukses-gagal karirnya secara keseluruhan sungguh LUAR BIASA. Dengan karakternya sebagai ACHIEVER dan dengan bekal sifatnya yang ADAPTIF terhadap perubahan, beliau pernah bekerja pada lebih dari 12 perusahaan dengan jenis industri yang berbeda beda.

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Education : Master in Applied Psychology of Human Resources & Knowledge Management – University of Indonesia Bachelor – English Teaching IKIP Rawamangun/ UNJ

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Pasha Pamungkas

I was very proud to have an opportunity to become one of Timotius Oyong’s subordinates for 3 years. I was impressed by his impressive insights and instincts in the areas of marketing and motivation. He is a strong, decisive leader, and a creative, visionary thinker in his field. His coaching helped grow my knowledge of business strategy and marketing plan. His dedication to the field of marketing, combined with his hands-on experiences at many companies, has made him an ideal contributor to my efforts to establish the business goals that were realistic, achievable and measurable. I stay on-track and focused. Having a leader and a coach like him makes a tremendous difference in my productivity and effectiveness. Thanks for all your help and continuing support.

Pasha Pamungkas Branch Manager at PT. Sakalaguna Semesta August 20, 2016

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