Pasha Pamungkas Branch Manager

Pasha Pamungkas

Branch Manager at PT. Sakalaguna Semesta

PT. Sakalaguna Semesta 

 Universitas Padjadjaran

I was very proud to have an opportunity to become one of Timotius Oyong’s subordinates for 3 years. I was impressed by his impressive insights and instincts in the areas of marketing and motivation. He is a strong, decisive leader, and a creative, visionary thinker in his field. His coaching helped grow my knowledge of business strategy and marketing plan. His dedication to the field of marketing, combined with his hands-on experiences at many companies, has made him an ideal contributor to my efforts to establish the business goals that were realistic, achievable and measurable. I stay on-track and focused. Having a leader and a coach like him makes a tremendous difference in my productivity and effectiveness. Thanks for all your help and continuing support.

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